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Lithium-ion Battery Fire Protection

Pyrobubbles® and Lionguard® Fire Fighting and Prevention Solutions

Pyrobubbles® is a patented innovative flame retardant for extinguishing of any liquid, metal and grease fires. It is a unique and reliable solution for a preventive fire protection of electrical equipment, cable trays and ducts, floor systems etc. Particularly, Pyrobubbles® is the most effective heat-insulating agent for a safe transport and temporal storage of presumably defective and even critically damaged Lithium-ion batteries.

What is Pyrobubbles®


The main component is a microporous-structured Silicon-Dioxide (SiO2) with enhanced surface-to-volume Ratio.

With its low bulk density of 235 kg/m 3, this material is eight times lighter than sand. 

Its typical grain size of 0.5 to 5 mm allows to build a dense coverage of burning objects or objects that tend to burn. The material exhibits low thermal and Electric conductivity and enhanced chemical stability.

The melting point of Pyrobubbles is 1050°C. Even after melting, this material provides a heat-insulating effect upon formation of a quartz-glass layer on a solid burning surface. 

Hydrophobic nature prevents an accumulation of humidity inside of the material during long storage. 

All materials, of which this product is composed, are 100% natural anorganic and disposable chemistry, easily re-usable.

How it works

  • Insulates heat due to inclusions of high portion of air in the microporous structure.
  • Absorbs and conserves heat and toxic gases with additional cool-down effect upon condensation.
  • Absorbs leaking electrolyte from ruptured Lithium-ion cells.
  • Transform dangerous acids (like HF), which might arise during a fire of e.g. Lithium-ion batteries, into a salt via a chemical reaction with additional materials already accommodated in the SiO2 host matrix.
  • Pyrobubbles® float on the surface of liquids forming a dense layer preventing the access of oxygen to the burning liquid and, thus, extinguishing the fire and preventing the re-ignition.


What is Lionguard®

A stainless-steel container concept that (used together with Pyrobubbles®) allows for a safe handling of Lithium-ion batteries that are at End-of-Life, defective or critically damaged and also of prototype batteries that have not yet passed the UN38.3 tests, in accordance with ADR regulations.


It grants a 100% control over possible thermal run-away of a Lithium-ion battery. The container concept covers packaging groups I and II and is available as a certified product in different sizes from S to XXL for transport of batteries up to 400 kg.

The temperature of the outer walls remains well below 100°C even during and after a thermal runaway of the battery (see temperature profile data by University of Magdeburg, Prof. Dr. Krause, Sci.Assistant A. Saupe).

The containers are easy to handle and long-term reusable. A customized geometry and battery weight specification can be realized on demand.

LionGuard® is also available as plastic containers applicable for storage and transport of damaged or defective Lithium-ion batteries according to SV376, P908 of ADR, but also for transportation of prototypes according to SV310, P910 of ADR.