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Lithium-Titanate Battery for AGV

Battery module with BMU

A lithium-ion battery powered by Lithium-Titanate SCiB(TM) designed for industrial applications and equipped with its own battery monitoring unit (BMU) and safety function is a complete mobile power-supply solution for intralogistic transport systems, especially suitable for automatically guided vehicles (AGV).

Combining an extraordinarily high number of full charge/discharge cycles and an ultra-fast charging feature, it is possible to vastly reduce the battery capacity and save acquisition costs.

This battery is perfect for opportunity- or ultra-fast full charging and 3-shift operation. Its weight is only 1/4 of the equivalent lead-acid battery. It is possible to connect up to 2 modules in series to increase the system voltage from 24 to 48 V or connect up to 2 modules in parallel to double the current capacity to 44 Ah.


  • Module  name: SIP24/23
  • CAN interface
  • BMU, cell balancing, voltage-current-temperature monitoring
  • Rated voltage: DC 25.3 V
  • Rated capacity: 22 Ah (556 Wh)
  • Large charge/discharge current: up to 125 A / 200 s
  • Lifetime: 15.000 full cycles down to 80% of initial capacity
  • Operation temperature: -30°C to +40°C
  • SOC-Window: almost 100%
  • Safety function: overcharge/over-discharge
  • Dimensions: 247 x 188 x 165 mm
  • Dust/Water prevention: equivalent to IP53
  • Weight: 8 kg