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DC Earth-Fault Detector for EV Quick Charger


DC Earth-Fault Detector

DC Earth-Fault Detector is an effective protective measure during the quick charging process to prevent accidents associated with electrical malfunction, like electric shock to living organisms, damage to devices and risk of fire.

Redesign of the detector part is not needed. The DC Earth-Fault Detector suits for quick charging devices in Europe and USA. It is easy to handle, compact in size and indicates a leakage via LED signal. Moreover, a high quality noise filter is mounted on the device that makes it resistant to inverter noise.


Device Outline

Type: SDL0A-1A-E
Regulated by CHAdeMO Protocol
Detection method: ground-fault detection through neutral grounding
Detection voltage range: DC 50 ~ 500 V
Current sensibility: 13 mA or less
Operating time: 1.0 s or less
Unnecessary actuation prevention time: 100 ms ~ 500 ms
Reset system - output contact: automatic
Reset system - ground fault display: automatic
Operation display: red LED indicator
Ground resistance: 40 kOhm or more
Control power source: DC 12 V
Temperature range: from -25 to +50°C
CE Mark conform, UL-certified, RoHS compliant
Compact design (94 x 84 x 51 mm)
Weight: 175 g
Resin case