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Fields of Business


Importance of Intralogistics is getting higher and higher in a wide range of areas, such as warehouse, distribution center, airport, seaport and so on.

We offer you various solution including lithium ion batteries.

Automotive industry

Electronics, Control and Sensing

Electronics, Control and Sensing are the area most rapidly developing.
We can offer the best solution to the special needs of our customers.

Functional materials and components

Increasing demands of high quality material motivate to develop advanced materials for various purposes and a wide variation of materials have been used in many different area.
We introduce the latest and optimized solution for processing various material and component.

Food Industry

We offer various food processing machines for ham, sausage and cheese production as well as supplementary materials.
We also supply ultrasonic cutters for foods.

Heavy Industry

We have been serving to heavy industry including Steel, Metal, Chemical, Machinery, Electric Power, Ship Building Indstries. We can support not only marketing and sales but also engineering and project management.

Resources, Energy and Green Power Technologies

We are taking a key role in resources and energy field from survey to production in conventional resources including oil & gas, both onshore and offshore.  
We are also serving to renewable energy / green power technology field such as, wind, geothermal, etc...