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Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Pioneer of plastic welding and cutting technology

SEIDENSHA is a leading company in Ultrasonic Food Cutter, ideal for any type of food products, even with soft and/or creamy ones, such as cakes.

Ultrasonic Food Cutter can drastically improve cutting surface quality and cutting efficiency in comparison to conventional cutter and brings various benefits:

   - Able to cut even soft or creamy products
   - Minimize food adhesion to Knife
   - Minimize cutting waste and reduce cleaning process
   - Integration into production line thanks to its modular design
   - Various knife design available, from straight to circular, customized design…

All types of Ultrasonic Food Cutters can be mounted on automatic production systems.  

Horn knife for Food Cutter

SEIDENSHA offers various horn (sonotrode) knife;
- standard horn (sonotrode) knife in different sizes, also for other brands system
- circular type
- custom design based on vibration analysis plus fine tuning thru. testing and in-house production

SEIDENSHA is a comprehensive manufacturer of welding, melting, jointing and cutting with various technology background not only in ultrasonic but also laser, high frequency, vibration etc...   


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