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High Performance Air Purifier with UV-C Technology 

How air is cleaned and disinfected? 3 stage filter + UV-C light disinfection

1st filter: Pre-filter cuts visible particles, such as, hair, dust, dandruff.

2nd filter: H13 class HEPA filter captures 0.3μm or larger particle, such as PM2.5, smoke dust, pollen, bacteria, virus and other airborne microorganisms.

3rd filter & UV-C light: Proprietary Anti-Online filter (activated carbon filter with titanium oxide and disinfection component) stops Volatile organic compound, Formaldehyde and Virus. Then, UV-C light is emitted to the surface of the Anti-Online filter and air in-between. In this way, virus and bacteria are killed.1st filter: Pre-filter cuts visible particles, such as, hair, dust, dandruff.



H13 HEPA filter

Proprietary Anti-Online filter

Safe and efficient UV-C LED lighting technology – UVC-MAX

Numbers of high quality UV-C LED are effectively placed for disinfection.
UV-C disinfection is started with zero warm-up time and very energy efficient. (Instead, conventional lamp require long warm-up time and high energy consumption.)
Expected lifetime of UV-C LED is 15,000hrs. This is 5-10 times longer lifetime than that of conventional UV-C lamp.
No mercury used in UV-C LED. Environmentally friendly.
No ozone, harmful to human body, is generated.
Heat generation from UV-C LED is very low. Thus, output air temp. does not change.
UV-C LED are located completely enclosed room inside the filters, therefore, no UV-C light leak out from the unit. 

Efficient air flow design 1000m3/h CADR

Thanks to its unique double air flow design, particle CADR reaches at 1000m3/h. Room air is effectively purified and disinfected.


Silent operation

Thanks to its double air flow design and high quality DC motor, clean room air at minimum operation noise. Noise level at sleep mode is only 29dB(A)!

Smart & simple control

Smart display indication

Visualized air quality

All operation can be done from both touch panel and remote controller. In automatic operation mode, optimum control is done in relation with air quality.

PM2.5 density, current operation mode & filter replacement information are displayed in the monitor. 

Air quality level (in relation to PM2.5 = particles with smaller than 2.5 μm) is automatically indicated in color indicator at the top of unit.




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Filter type:

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Air Purifier


2x Pre Filter

2x Combination Filter

(H13 HEPA + Anti-Online Filter)  


4 steps

4 steps

W370 x D400 x H796 mm / 16kg

W429 x D457 x H846 mm / 18kg

230 VAC


29-65 dB (A)

1000m3/h Particle CADR

200m3/h Formaldehyde CADR