Your reliable partner for the supply of cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art products  


Fields of Business

Steel & Metal
From the very beginning our company has been engaged in supplying state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge technologies from European makers to Japanese steel and metal producing companies. On the other hand, we offer machinery of well-known Japanese makers such as slitters, levellers or flying shears to European customers.

Green Technology, Renewable Energy
Nowadays green technology and renewable energy is getting more and more important. Our company provides Japanese customers with the equipment necessary in this field of business. In Europe, we are focussed on the supply of Lithium-Titanate-batteries produced by a leading Japanese global player for many purposes, such as electric vehicles, forklifts and other industrial trucks.


Energy Production and Exploration of Natural Resources

In modern society, efficient exploration of natural resources and energy production is a key factor. Our company handles technologies, machinery and instruments needed for the exploration of natural resources on shore as well as off shore and for energy production.


Food Industries
Food Industries as well are striving for improvements in process technology. Our company supplies the necessary technical expertise to Japanese customers in the manufacturing industry: such as meet processing companies or the sweet industry but also offers necessary basic materials.

The control of state-of-the-art technologies requires devices such as most accurate measuring instruments and highly developed sensors. Our company focuses on providing instruments that are perfectly fitting to the special needs of our customers.

Composite Materials, Functional Materials
Modern production technologies as well as Increasing demands on the high quality of materials generate the development of new and advanced materials for various purposes. In this field of business, our company offers PAN fibers for special purposes of a Japanese global player as well as filament winders meant for processing carbon fibers.

Automotive industry
Automotive industry is one of the key industries. Our company supports partners in the automotive parts industry by offering i.e. lubricants, anti-corrosion compounds or lacquers.